Sunday, March 25, 2012


Last chance for surf today before south winds come again and take away the fun.... paddling around Yaquina head this afternoon, catching some waves before the wind really did a number on it, things started to get spooky:

First, everyone left the water, all at once. Mass exodus, and there we were, Woody and I, all alone. It was the classic trilogy... grey skies, grey water, no visibility. I began to get that eerie feeling...
Next, I look up to the cliff which overlooks the break, and see a person waving his arms frantically. This, I recognize, is the international distress signal. What in the world would someone on land be doing waving at us this way? Unless....

I said to Woody, "lets go, right now... that dude is waving us out," and Woody thought I meant waving, as in a friendly hello.


  1. when you start to have The feeling that something is not right, it is a good idea to get out....

  2. yes indeed. i'm an animal and i trust my instincts.